Are you looking for a way to pass the time on the morning commute? Or are you interested in learning more about the mysterious goings-on beneath the hood of your car? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few of the best automotive podcasts currently cruising across the airwaves.

Car Talk, NPR

Even those who don’t know their tailpipe from their carburetor will enjoy this hilarious production, which was hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi (also known as “Click and Clack”) until Tom’s death in 2014. Fortunately for audiences, episodes continue to be available through NPR, and the humor and insight found here are timeless.

CarStuff, How Stuff Works

This family-friendly podcast is an excellent option for young children who have an interest in cars, as its content is informative without being too technical. Episodes are built around an underlying theme–think “The Ten Best SUVs” and that sort of thing–and co-hosts Scott Benjamin and Ben Bowlin make for an engaging team.

The Smoking Tire

Join hosts Matt Farah and Zack Klapman as they chat with professional drivers, comedians, and other big names in the automotive industry. Director of photography Thad Brown keeps things hip and lively with his unique visual flair, and the banter is quick-witted and informative.

Skidmarks Show

This show represents a welcome change of pace, as Ethan Demetrius and Jeff Allen like to mix it up with broadcasts featuring rock stars and other celebrities, in addition to the usual car-shop talk. It’s a winning combination by any standards.


Funnyman Adam Carolla co-hosts this program, along with knowledgeable automotive vet Matt D’Andria (Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman). They’re known for serving up some big laughs alongside the sweet rides, and fans of their earlier work will certainly appreciate their latest efforts.

The Dealer Playbook Podcast

While the show is focused around success in the automotive industry, anyone who’s looking for tips on how to succeed in the business world, in general, would do well to give it a spin. It provides an excellent, informative way for self-professed “car nerds” to share their passion with less-enthusiastic loved ones, without being too heavy-handed.