As the inventor of the commercial automobile, engineer Karl Benz was no stranger to innovation; to this day, the company that still bears his name remains one of the most forward-thinking auto firms in the world. And as Mercedes-Benz prepares to launch its new line of electric scooters, fans of the company couldn’t be happier.

The Market Shifts
As more and more automakers grapple with the environmental concerns of car buyers, product lines that include electric vehicles are quickly becoming the norm at some of the world’s most established companies. Spurred on by forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprints, a seismic shift in the industry has made products like electric cars and e-scooters increasingly desirable to a mass market.

Germany Changes the Game
After this summer, e-scooters are legal to use on roads in Germany, and the country’s citizens are purchasing the nontraditional vehicles in droves. Seen as an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to automobiles and motorcycles, e-scooters are also extremely easy to use in a city. In urban areas like Berlin, for example, e-scooters already appear to rival cars in terms of popularity.

A Growing Market
But Mercedes isn’t the only established automaker set to enter the e-scooter market this year. This spring, for example, BMW announced its own line of electric scooters; at a fraction of the price of a conventional automobile, the company’s scooter line will undoubtedly be popular with the company’s dedicated fanbase. For big city commuters who may balk at the thought of purchasing a conventional BMW, the low cost of the company’s scooters will likely be seen as something of a godsend.

What the Future Holds for E-Scooters
While the primary market for Mercedes’s new e-scooter campaign will likely remain in Europe for the time being, there is no doubt that US buyers will find much to love in the new line. Electric automobiles are already incredibly popular in America, and the low cost and efficiency of e-scooters could be major selling points to potential buyers here.

While it remains to be seen how Mercedes-Benz will adapt to a shift in attitudes to traditional vehicles, it is clear that the company takes the marketing of its new e-scooter line seriously. Indeed, when a company as established as Mercedes-Benz takes a leap into a new market, other companies will soon follow. For fans of the new e-scooter movement, such an outcome would be very welcome news indeed.