Since the dawn of the automobile, humans have been implementing more and more safety and convenience features that have made driving easier and, well, safer. And with so many models and features, it’s difficult to find the perfect car. And whether you’re looking for your first car or your 50th, I want to offer as much advice to you so that you may make the most informed decision for your next car purchase.

Blind Spot Indicator

Of all the safety features implemented in cars these days, this one seems to be the most popular, and useful. Checking your blind spots used to be an annoying chore that, if done improperly, could very well lead to an accident; but with blind spot indicators, your car does all the work for you. Cars fitted with blind spot indicators feature a small icon on either one of your side view mirrors that pop up whenever there is a car in your blind spot. They’re simple and incredibly effective. It makes it easier for the driver to know when he or she should switch lanes or make a turn.

Automatic Emergency Brakes

Imagine living in a world where cars can actually stop themselves whenever danger approaches. Well, that fantasy world is a reality. Today’s cars feature such advanced chipsets and sensors that they can actually detect cars in their paths and slam on the brakes before you can even realize what’s happening. If you’re looking for a top-notch safety car, then look for this feature.

360-Degree View Systems

Wouldn’t it be easier to navigate through the narrow city street or the crowded mall parking lot if you could just get an aerial view of your car? Luckily, some cars have this feature built in. By utilizing multiple cameras placed throughout the exterior of the car, these 360-degree systems can stitch together a composite image of the area surrounding your car, thus offering a “bird’s-eye view.” It’s great for truly making sure that your car is clear of pedestrians or cars before making a turn or trying to park into a tight spot.