Robert Taurosa | Auto Expert

General Manager for RPM Auto Sales USA LLC

Robert Taurosa is an avid car collector with more than twenty years of professional auto industry experience.

Rpm Auto Sales strives to make every customer feel like a friend of the dealership. We want our customers to refer Rpm Auto Sales to their friends and relatives. We fill our inventory with the finest Used Cars, Used Trucks and Used SUV’s available in the USA.
We service the vehicle that we offer for sale so that you can drive your Rpm preowned vehicle for many miles before you need to spend any of your hard-earned money on it.
Rpm Auto Sales prides itself with the relationships that we have built with our lenders. The many banks that we deal with know the quality of the vehicles that we sell. They also know the amount of money we invest into each and ever vehicle to make sure that our customer is happy with the vehicle.
It is because of these everyday policies at Rpm do the banks generally approve customers with less than perfect credit and generally will advance more money on an Rpm Vehicle than one from another dealership.

Robert-taurosa-martini-racingRobert Taurosa, the General Manager for RPM Auto Sales USA LLC. Taurosa, founded RPM in 2008 in Bayville NJ and now RPM is one of the largest independent pre-owned car dealerships in the state of New Jersey. Robert Taurosa boasts over two decades of professional experience in the auto industry. Over time, he has learned the subtleties and nuances of the car market, yet his real success stems from his passion for the consumer.

By truly getting to know his customers and what they are looking for in a vehicle, Robert is able to pair the proper car with the proper consumer. Always striving for customer satisfaction, Robert Taurosa dedicates the necessary time and care to running RPM so that all employees place the utmost value on consumers. Growing up, Robert learned to appreciate people, to hear them out, and to respond appropriately. His impeccable communication skills combined with his interest for cars naturally led Robert to pursue a career in the auto industry.

After graduation, Robert Taurosa joined the Gateway Toyota Toms River, NJ. He then went on to work at a few other dealerships across New Jersey including the Pine Belt Nissan and the Larson Ford. During this period, he honed his skills as an expert in his craft. Always committed to being better than the day before, Robert built his knowledge, talents, and professional relationships until he was ready to branch out on his own.

In 2008,  he created RPM Auto Sales. RPM Auto Sales USA provides customers with the best pre-owned automobiles in Monmouth and Ocean County. Rpm Auto Sales only buys the finest used cars and used trucks available on the market today. After vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection, they are serviced by the best of the best to ensure they meet Robert’s gold standard. It is only then that they are offered to consumers at the best possible price. If you are at all interested in RPM, you can find more information here:\

2018 holds a great deal of potential, not only for Robert, but for the automotive industry in general. As a true auto enthusiast, Robert Taurosa is excited for what the new year has in store. The automotive industry has an incredibly bright future ahead of itself. Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, and the auto industry is getting a healthy influx of advancements that will revolutionize it forever. Robert is mostly excited for the potential of self-driving cars. With the newfound free time that self-driving cars provide, families can spend time together while heading on vacation, businesspeople can get work done while commuting and truck drivers can get some much-needed rest on the road.

Robert Taurosa constantly has his thumb on the pulse of the industry and thoroughly enjoys writing on the subject. This website is dedicated to Robert’s thoughts on the industry, the latest trends and where it is headed.

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