We’ve seen a new, unexplored frontier in the world of AI, in both Machine Learning and Deep Learning AI. This Artificial Intelligence creates complex algorithms to predict behavior and to act near-human. So what can they do for us?

Pinterest Intuitive AI

After seeing “Lord of the Rings,” you may look up an actor you like. Pinterest’s AI will pose a series of questions. “Do you want to see actors, Lord of the Rings, or do you want to see bearded-men?” Based on what you pin to your board, the AI will attempt to personalize your wall with relevant images. In a way, this AI works by trying to understand the intent behind why you are asking it to find this result. This makes it so users can see a variety of options, not a single image. If you find another image you like on your board, the AI will adapt that decision to make further changes.

AI In Self-Driving Cars

Using Machine Learning or Deep Learning AI predicts behavior on public roads. This has led to the ability to make self-driving cars. These systems can learn where restrictions are and where they’re not. Despite concerns over safety, these quick-thinking AI’s have been an amazing feat. In the beginning, these car makers were determined to reduce the number of fatalities in cars to “zero”–an admirable goal, especially in a world where one of the leading causes of death is car crashes.

Twitter AI Systems

Many hours have gone into constructing an AI for Twitter that works like a web of functioning chords. These connections function within the purview that the team sets. That means that their AI can recognize what you want to see. This brings you relevant timelines, ranking interests–and based on your interactions–strengthens connections. In a way, it is functioning like the human brain.

Our world is changing. That is clear. Whether for better or worse, the machines are taking over. Above are some examples of how varied these applications can be used in our lives. In the realm of a self-learning AI, this is the beginning. Who knows what this field will look like one day? It is one to watch.