Many automobile companies made big impressions on attendees and experts alike at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Various companies were there, such as Ford, BMW, Chrysler, and Mercedes, along with a few others. These companies showcased some of their newest models and hi-tech features that will be added to their vehicles. Many of these cars were breathtaking and the new technology seems like something out of the future.

Ford adds Alexa

Ford announced that they plan to add Amazon’s Alexa (a cloud-based feature that responds to voice commands) into their cars that have SYNC 3 already installed. Alexa will allow users to check the weather, add items to lists, purchase goods, and even control connected home devices from their vehicle. Drivers may even be able to use Alexa to command features of the car, such as locking and unlocking the doors.

Self-driving Ford Fusion

Following in a continuous line of autonomous vehicles, Ford discussed its development of a new self-driving Ford Fusion and even unveiled the car. This car builds onto the same features of the previous Fusion and is even closer to imitating natural driving techniques with its self-driving feature.

BMW HoloActive Touch system

BMW is taking their luxury features to the next level by developing a new user interface system called HoloActive Touch. Drivers can control this system using finger gestures over a free-floating display. It’s even designed to give haptic feedback to the user, so it feels as though you’re actually touching the screen.

Mercedes Vision Van

Though this unveil wasn’t news, CES was the first appearance of the Vision Van in the United States. Responses to the sleek, futuristic look of the van were mixed, with some calling it “bizarre,” but the concept is interesting. Mercedes plans to use these vans for deliveries for various companies, using drones to carry packages to the door.

Chrysler electric minivan for millennials

Chrysler’s newest minivan in development is electric-powered and looks at millennials with children as its target audience. It has incredible, hi-tech features that will attract people used to cutting edge technology. Some of its features include: facial recognition technology that allows it to adjust settings to that passenger’s preferences, a selfie camera, vehicle to vehicle communications, and a fast charger to charge the car for over 100 miles in 20 minutes.