With the roads becoming increasingly more dangerous, it’s never been more crucial to practice safe driving. Here are some tips on how to stay out of harm’s way while behind the wheel.

Don’t Lose Focus

It’s not uncommon for drivers to gear up for a ride while their mind is elsewhere. Unfortunately, this places the driver, passengers, and others on the road in grave danger. Before putting the key in the ignition, take a moment to recalibrate. In doing so, the driver’s focus realigns. 

Eliminate Distractions

When it comes to on-the-road distractions, mobile devices are the primary culprit. In an effort to prevent accidents, stow all electronics away. In some states, texting while driving is a serious offense. For those who would like to avoid both car crashes and the long arms of the law, consider eliminating all distractions.

Put A Premium On Safety

Though some feel in complete control behind the wheel, there’s no controlling what other drivers will do. With that said, it’s best not to speed, constantly switch lanes, or retrieve items from the back of the car while on the road. Doing so makes the driver more susceptible to injury. Two of the biggest safety components include driving sober and wearing a seat belt. 

Don’t Drive Tired

Being drowsy while driving is a recipe for disaster. When weariness creeps in, the driver becomes a threat to themselves and those around them. Operating a vehicle tired is a surefire way to cause an accident, so it’s wise to relinquish all driving responsibilities until energy levels are restored.

Drive Defensively

In other words, drive as if those around you are capable of causing a collision. After all, they undoubtedly are. When drivers begin assuming that other motorists are a risk, they make extra efforts to drive responsibly and maintain their safety. One great rule of thumb is to keep a four-second distance between the car ahead. 

Don’t Speed

Leave the fast and furious driving to those who starred in the movie. Speed limits exist for a reason, and blatantly disregarding them is as ill-advised as it is dangerous.